How do I find the registry I am looking for?

Click "Find a registry" at the top of the page at and type either the bride's name or the groom's name in the search box. You can enter his or her first name or last name, or both. If no matching registry can be found, double check your spelling or try searching for the other person's name. When in doubt, ask the couple for the web address they chose when they signed up for Just1Registry.

I'm confused by all the symbols on the registry. What do they mean?

The legend box below explains what each symbol means.

Price range:
= Least expensive = Most expensive
= Not essential = Absolutely essential
No = Specific item desired Yes = General item guidelines

The relative price of an item is indicated by the number of green dollar signs, one being the least expensive and five being the most expensive. The priority of an item--in other words, how important it is to the couple--is indicated by the number of purple stars, one being not essential and five being absolutely essential. Finally, the couple will indicate whether or not they are flexible about an item--in other words, whether they expect to receive the exact item specified in the description, or whether they would be just as happy with another similar item.

What does the quantity of an item refer to?

This number refers to how many of a particular item the couple would like to receive. When you decide to purchase an item and the couple has indicated they want more than one of this particular item, you have the option of purchasing one or more. You can indicate this by changing the number in the quantity field when you provide your name and email address in the process described below (see "How do I buy something?").

How do I buy something?

If you see an item you would like to purchase for the bride and groom, hover over the purchases area and click on the 'I'll buy this' button that appears. Enter your name and email address, as well as the quantity (if applicable) and the password (if the couple has given you one). Then check your email. You should receive a message instructing you to confirm the purchase by clicking on a link in the email. After you click on the link, the item will be marked as purchased. All you need to do now is go to your favourite store, buy the item, wrap it up, and give it to the happy couple.

Can I buy online?

Yes, you are free to buy from anywhere you choose! However, it is important to note that Just1Registry does not sell any of the items on a couple's registry. We simply keep track of which items have been purchased and by whom. Links to retailers' web sites are provided by the couple, not by us. Keep in mind that when you purchase an item from an outside web site, we have no way of knowing about your purchase until you inform us by clicking the "I'll buy this" button on the couple's registry.

When marking an item as purchased, why am I being asked for a password? How do I know what it is?

If the couple chooses to protect their registry with a password, it is up to them to tell you what it is. This way, only friends and family members who know the password will be able to purchase items from their registry. In other words, it prevents strangers who stumble across their registry page from causing mischief by marking items as purchased when they don't even know the couple, let alone intend to buy them a gift.

Why do I need to give my email address?

Your email address will only be used to confirm that you do intend to purchase an item from the couple's registry. When you receive the confirmation email and click on the link, the item will be marked as purchased. Adding this extra step ensures that people don't accidentally or carelessly mark an item as purchased when they didn't actually mean to buy it.

I didn't receive a confirmation email. How do I confirm my purchase?

If you don't receive an email from Just1Registry within minutes after indicating your purchase, try submitting the form again, making sure the email address you entered is spelled correctly. If you still don't receive a message, contact us for support.

I followed the steps to confirm my purchase, but the item is still showing up on the registry. Why?

For some items, the couple may have entered a quantity of more than one. In this case, when you click on the link to confirm your purchase, the quantity will decrease by one (change from 2 to 1, for example). The item will remain available for others to purchase until the desired number of that particular item has been purchased.

Will the couple see what I have purchased for them? I want it to be a surprise.

No, your secret is safe with us! While your purchase will be recorded in our database, it won't be seen by the couple until after their wedding, when they will be able to access a list telling them who purchased what.