Some of Just1Registry's super cool features

See how Just1Registry makes your wedding a little easier

  • Unlimited items

    Why limit your choices to a particular store's inventory? With Just1Registry, you can add an unlimited number of items to your registry and make shopping more convenient for your guests. There’s even a One-of-a-kind category so you can add those unique, special items on your wish list. You can also upload pictures and add descriptions in your own words, including suggested retailers, to make it easy for people to find what you want.

  • Unique web address

    Both you and your guests can access your registry on-line, any time, from the comfort of home. When you sign up for a Just1Registry account, you get to choose your own registry website address -- the URL you will tell your family and friends to visit in order to view your registry. Example:

    We also give you a short URL to easily fit on your wedding invitations or your Tweets. Example:

  • Gift tracking and statistics

    The statistics feature graphically shows you how many items you have on your registry, as well as how many of those items have been purchased. This way, you can make sure that you have lots of items available for guests to purchase. You can also view a list of who purchased what... after your wedding date, of course!

  • Customize the look of your wedding registry

    With a few clicks, upload a photo and change the colour scheme of your wedding registry.

  • Visitor tracking

    The visitor tracking feature for Just1Registry Premium users allows you to see where the people who have been viewing your registry are coming from. If you've ever wondered whether your wedding guests are actually viewing and buying things from your registry, then you'll definitely find these statistics useful.

  • Printable invitation inserts

    With the invitation insert tool, you can create your own printable cards that are the perfect size to hand out to your family and friends or to tuck inside your wedding invitations. You get to choose the background and customize the text. It’s an easy and attractive way to share your unique Just1Registry web address with family and friends!

  • Pages

    Add additional pages to your registry to give your guests more information about your wedding. The Maps page allows your guest to easily see Google maps and Street View of your venues as well as easily lookup directions. The "Our Story" page allows you to tell your guest the story of how you met and your engagement.