Why You Need Just1Registry

Just1Registry is an easy to use, online bridal registry that allows you to add any item from any store.

Written by Rebekah on Saturday, September 10th 2011

Being engaged is so magical and fun... and stressful. If the wedding preparation doesn't burn you out, the house organization just might. Frying pans, dishes, cutlery - how's a couple to keep track of it all?

So many stores offer various incentives for registering for gifts, that by the time you sign up for them all, you forget which items you have added to your list at which store. "No problem," the smiling salesperson says, "just login on our website or at this kiosk and view a list of the items you scanned." Sounds simple enough, right? WRONG! Who has ever heard of a "C M Windermere SS Salt MI Danesco"?? If I don't even know what it is, and I picked it out, how on earth are my guests going to find it?

This is why Just1Rregistry was created, to make life simpler for brides like you. Create one registry, all in one place, all online. It allows you to add real, recognizable items to your list with descriptions that actually make sense, and just in case, includes pictures and suggested stores where you could find each item. What more could you and your guests ask for? Grooms will want to be part of this process too, because they can add the stuff THEY want.

One of the best things about it is that you can add, edit, and delete items from home or work. You'll never have to visit those busy department stores, book an appointment, wait for an item scanner (that rarely worked half the time anyway) or go out in a winter blizzard or summer heat again - at least not to create your wedding registry, that is.




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