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A shorter registry address you can share with friends

Written by Leanne on Wednesday, June 12th 2013

Want to include your Just1Registry address on your printed wedding invitations? You can now use a shorter registry address that will easily fit, even on small enclosure cards. Just replace www.just1registry.com with j1r.me in your web address; the short URL automatically redirects to your full Just1Registry address.

For example, if your Just1Registry address is:


...then you can use:


See how that takes up less space on the page?? This is what makes the new short URL perfect for including in your save-the-date cards, shower invitations, stag and doe tickets, and practically any other wedding-related stationery you can imagine! And it's still easy to remember too.

This new feature is available to all Just1Registry users. No need to adjust your settings! Of course, you can still continue to use your original (longer) registry address if you prefer. Both addresses will now take you to the same place.

It's just one more way we're trying to help streamline your wedding registry experience.

Have another idea for how we can make Just1Registry more efficient for you? Let us know!




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