Let your wedding guests be creative (without clashing)

White and lilac bedroom with a hint of.........ORANGE??

Written by Rebekah on Saturday, October 22nd 2011

Here's another practical way you can use your online wedding registry. Maybe you aren't too sure what items you might need to put on your gift registry. Maybe you have a particular room of your house that needs dressing up, but you have no idea what specific items to ask for. What if you want people to be free to use their own creativity and buy whatever they think would be neat and useful, without clashing with your house's colour schemes? Why not add items like the following to your registry:

Title: Living Room Decor
Description: My living room has taupe walls with chocolate brown furniture. The accent colours are black and rose.

By putting these two simple sentences on your wedding registry, you open the door to a multitude of creative gift ideas. Gifts such as: A dusty rose throw pillow and throw blanket, an area rug with shades of brown and accents of rose and blue, and solid black picture frames. All of which happen to go great with your living room's decor, even though you probably never would have thought to put them on your wedding registry.

Without your guidance, guests might choose to purchase purple throw pillows, a green throw blanket, a Hawaiian themed area rug or lime green picture frames. These gifts are creative all right, but not so appropriate for your colour scheme.

Just1Registry gives you the ability to share colour scheme information with your guests to give them a "big picture" idea of your house's decor. Let your guests fill in the blanks and be creative! Who knows what great gifts you may receive? By sharing this information, you can also help prevent your future mother-in-law from purchasing that hideous orange gingham throw pillow for your modern white and lilac bedroom. YUCK! Anything to avoid that situation, right?




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